Moving from 1998 onwards

We work in the digital and physical worlds and where they connect.

Vision Statement Core Functional Areas Why Choose Us?
Providing total industrial and engineering technology solutions to our customers needs leveraging our skills of developing customized solutions as well as providing them with a technological architecture most suited to their business needs. it solutions has a focus on hardware, networking solutions and maintenance. We excel in the field of fibre optic data communication, wireless communication, telecommunication and IT related services. We operate in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, and Bihar. Since 1998 we have built a base of loyal clients who provide repeat business to us. We are small enough to provide a personal service and at the same time be a thoroughly professional company. We keep an eye on safety, cost efficiency and schedule.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in providing a wide range of IT and engineering services. Executing projects and tasks with high standards of quality, innovation and dedication.


  • Network Administration and Implementation,
  • Automation & Instrumentation,
  • Telecommunication Engineering,
  • CCTV Camera Security System.


  • Facility Management, Call Centers, Helpdesk
  • Technical Support, Data Entry,
  • Managing Business Processes
  • Data Base Administration (Oracle)
  • Software Development, Training & maintenance


  • Engineering Projects & Construction,
  • Specialised Technical Consultancy – Engineering & Projects,
  • Irrigation and Water Distribution System (HDPE)

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